you are not that dumb

My reaction to a crime was like that of a judge 
who sentenced this guy I knew 
he was a young offender at the time
and kidnapped a man -held him for randsome
I remember there was pride in his voice 
as he confessed to the crime 
even talking about his sentence
how the judge sentenced him to the longest 
3 years 
cause he was the smartest 
I reacted the same when I read a headline 
that people holding info for randsom
stated that they didn't mean to hurt society 
just make money -- and it was reported 
that they donate money to charity 
Which is twisted  --
When you put bad vibes out into the world 
when you create things that are dishonest 
of course you are going to hurt society 
And yah sometimes it seems like injustice 
is insurmountable 
like the big bad companies get away with shit 
not like they do 
but you can't play with their same lacking moral rules
their own moral rules based on ignorance and greed
Bad isn't strong 
Good can be strong too
And if you steal it just to give it away (don't think I believe for a second you don't keep some for yourself) 
No -- I don't think that is the right way 
extra tankers on the road -- will one get into an accident now and explode?
causing death and sadness?
What about the people trying to fix the hack -- was it the last straw 
on their over burdened backs -- Did a computer engineer working at home 
loose it on his kid for being too noisy while he tried to fix the grid -- And that was it his wife wasn't going to take it anymore -- so she left -- and she walked out that door.   You don't know the ripples you can create 
maybe some were good -- maybe a trucker got a job -- that they wouldn't have had -- now they can feel better about themselves -- But extra tankers on the road cause more pollution in the air -- I mean it is an eternal guessing game -- 
But back to your ignorant statement DarkSide -- you didn't mean to hurt society -- just make money illegally.  If you are smart enough to bring Texas oil to it's knees -- you are smart enough to lobby or write a letter -- asking for more money for charities -- to get your friends to write letters for change -- sure it isn't quite as cool as ending up on the news -- and it may take longer -- but it can still work.  I don't buy your ignorance -- you are too smart for that -- You want to be bad -- be bad -- own it. 
That guy I remembered -- he said it would do it again but not get caught -- He didn't know about restorative justice -- that is when a criminal understands the harm they have caused -- so they won't want to do it again
They will understand the pain -- they put people through -- the butterfly effect so to speak
But you are too smart -- just like that guy I knew along time ago 
And I am like judge -- who is going hard on you 
smarten up -- you need to imagine the negativity you intentionally release out into the world -- when you do stupid shit -- you are not Robin Hood.  And you can't be that dumb -- to not understand the butterfly effect ---  

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