Nothing wrong with Conflict 
nothing at all 
but when it becomes brutal 
its because of entrenchment
will not budge 
you are certain 
a form of arrogance 
not willing to see the other point of view
certain beyond belief 
it means even if you listen 
the ideas are dismissed before 
they hit your ears 
Now sometimes
there are some things that are certain 
We all like anchors and rocks
some maybe call it faith 
but can it be somehow ... 
to see the other side 
or a slightly different point of view
a softness 
a block is an attack 
they call it passive aggression  
we don't want to be clones 
or borg from startreck do we?
We need a little a little innocence 
like we don't know it all
and that makes us a little more free
free to be wrong ... 
how lovely 
free to be wrong 
free to fail
free to fall
and get up again 
but those who are entrenched 
they kick you when you are down
don't let you get up 
they expect perfection 
what a croc 
when we look at all of the axioms 
we have moved through
the evolution of thought and science
calling people haratics
burning people at the stake
or crosses on lawns
really people c'mon
If we people to change 
grow and evolve
we can't cancel them 
or lock them in stocks 
and throw rotten fruit at them
It isn't to say responsibility 
doesn't have to be taken 
but shutting down conversations
it isn't right
I mean if they can't talk to you about it
let them talk to someone else ... 
don't make it taboo 

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