Brother from another mother

He was nice -- before you came into his life
Really nice -- and you are horrid
Calling people drunk on new years day
Calling my dead mother a Retard? 
And yet you thought we had the same mom 
That was the excuse he made for you 
like it was okay for you to call his mom that name
Then you called me again -- saying I wasn't taking care of my 
father when I was the only one who was ... 
You know how hurtful that was?
Hardly anyone else even called to say hello 
without my prompting 
Forgotten - Used and forgotten 
And you couldn't even take responsibility for your 
horrible words -- you were drunk maybe -- fine
So maybe that could be forgivable 
But what isn't forgivable -- is how you changed 
my brother -- he was nice -- before you came back into his life
I remember when he first told me he had a girlfriend 
I was happy for him 
I mean love is great 
but you changed him from being nice 
His other girl friend Elly -- she was nice 
He was nice -- when he was with her 
but you -- I don't know what you did him 
but you suck and you know it .... 
He is my big brother -- 
I loved playing pool with him 
he was so good he could have been a hustler 
I remember how he told me he didn't play pool anymore 
Did you deny him that joy? 
He was so good
We all need to be good at something ... 
He is my brother from a different mother ... and I love him
no matter what  

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