Divine Rights?

I’ve been watching shows about royalty — the french — the british .. the russians — and I am seeing a pattern — long ago — they honestly felt — they were divine — full of Gods will like the pope but not elected — not earned — not practised — just born — and it reminded me a bit of the Dali lama … but he is always found — leaving clues before his death where he will be reincarnated — and then found — and brought up by monks — being treated — as though he were divine … educated … in all ways — and it is sorta similar — I mean the outcomes quite different — Royalty — waged war in the name country – were often targets for assassination — cause of the power their title granted. So different as well. But imagine if children were all raised as chosen ones — well — it might end up — completely different — selfish children — horrible adults — or kind — empathetic children — benevolent adults — the old question of nature vs nurture … soul — vs environment — education — fate? Choices granted — Choices taken away — architects of society and values — Power used for selfishness — or kindness — but what is the key — genuineness maybe? Pureness of heart? Buddhists speak of spiritual materialism — I call it making deposits in your Karma Bank — are you being good because you want to be loved? Worshipped? Want good things to return to you? It is supposed to work that way right? But maybe not — if your heart isn’t in the right place — such an easy trap to fall into sometimes — another key — the moment — in the moment — no past or future taken in — NOW — Only now — reminds me of how my Dad always told me everyone always does what they think is best at the time — then you have hindsight — and maybe you are lucky enough to learn — I mean look — would 911 even have happened had the terrorists had known the death and destruction that would have unfolded in the middle east? I mean I don’t know the whole death toll — on both sides between Afghanistan Iraq and Syria — would the Americans invaded to find Bin Laden — if they could have seen a flash of the future … and the millions of refugees that would have created? Maybe — but I doubt it. I don’t think any understood the consequences — Yah I know that the terrorists wanted to inflict pain — and that all involved wanted retribution — who could blame them … But a 20 years war and all that death and destruction (the french and the english fought a hundred years war — now fight side by side) — little boys dead on beaches and hospitals bombed to oblivion — I remember my Dad — once getting upset — about seeing the Taliban destroying an old Buddhist artifact — a stone statue — he wasn’t even Buddhist — but he thought it was nuts — to destroy — such a beautiful peace of history — but it is only stone — it isn’t a life — I mean I think it is unfair that women have to hide their faces underneath veils — burkha’s .. and can’t go to school … but they are alive … I mean they could kill themselves — on mass — if it was unbearable — and it is not anything I would want to live but I have known another way of life — but going in and destroying the infrastructure killing their families neighbours — how does that help them? It doesn’t. Enough Rambling for now …. I think everyone need to stop –that they are acting on behalf of the divine …. when the actions are anything but — I mean who would describe death and destruction as being divine? A painting a song a meal a love — people describe that as divine all the time — Bloody bodies and destroyed buildings are never described as such — so who could say really they were doing the work of the divine — when that is the outcome?

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