absent …

Thought about a line from the movie
The Devil's advocate --
The Devil calls God an absentee Landlord
And I think about the landlords I have like best
Mr. Taube -- I had cheap rent 
So cheap I didn't want to bother him with little things
The place was run down -- but cause the rent was so 
cheap - I didn't mind fixing it up myself 
to the best of my ability 
I learned a lot in that house on Degrassi street
simple plumbing -- like how to fix a leak 
put in hardwood laminet flooring 
Fixed a garden up as best as I could 
I mean I was very green as in inexperienced 
when I lived there - but it was sorta nice 
to have cheap rent and an absentee landlord 
I mean if there was a big problem I would call him
Cause I had to 
But he was a nice old man 
And I learned alot 
my favourite line at the hardware store 
How do I do this or that -- but make it simple 
cause I'm a girl -- but I developed skills 
And with that confidence and creativity
fixing up a place on low budget
Like playing barbies when I was little 
I didn't have all the barbie furniture so I had to 
make it out of things I had .. a winter tough folded 
in half made a nice couch 
And maybe that is the key to good parenting 
letting kids do as much as they can on their own
only intervening -- when it's necessary
or they ask 
But taking care of little ones
it is so hard to watch them learn to tie their shoes 
when you could do it in ten seconds 
it takes them forever 
but you sit on your hands -- and let them do what they can 
But it is so tempting -- to want to do it for them
And sometimes they really do need help 
but letting someone struggle a little 
it helps them build strength 
Don't let them drown --
but do jump right in 
And sometimes they need a good lecture
Or to listen 
And sometimes kids can surprise you and teach as well
or at least remind you -- of what you forgot or take for granted
An absentee landlord ... I like Mr. Taube he was old 
He told me not to worry if I was ever late with rent 
that many of his tenants were but they always paid ... 
He was a nice man  -- he really was 
Even though we didn't have much contact.  
It was a sweetheart deal for me 
But I didn't really both him .. 
It just let me be who I was in my home 
how lovely ... an absentee landlord .... 
No he wasn't god ... 
just a nice old man 
no one needs to be mirco managed 
in their home ... 

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