He popped into my mind just now 
His name was Micheal ... maybe Mike 
He was the friend of a guy I had a crush on 
I remember one night he drove me home 
after being out at the club
he was spilling his story on me 
telling me he was depressed 
telling me he had to stop doing drugs 
had to stop hanging out at the club the guv
I remember he told me about an Asian lady
he met at a Casino -- she just randomly said to him
"you are good people". why would she say that to me?  
he went on to ask me -- like he wanted me to repeat it
what did she know?  I couldn't affirm what she had said
I hardly knew him -- I wasn't about to lie -- to boost his ego 
that really seemed shattered.  I didn't know him
and I was going through my stuff at the time. 
I just told him I didn't know -- maybe she sensed something
but he kept clinging to that random compliment from a random 
old Asian lady -- he was sinking -- but I was treading myself
I thanked him for the ride home -- and told him he should find
a friend to talk to -- that I wouldn't be much help 
I went home and slept and when I woke I called the guy 
I crushed on - and told him about his friend
he didn't seem all that concerned 
Which I didn't understand - I pleaded for him to call him
he was the one who knew him not me 
I just said he was in a bad place ... and needed his friend
but maybe they were not that good of friends 
in hindsight 
but I understood Michael  felt 
I remembered once when I was feeling down on the other side of the planet 
I was on an escalator going down but my mind was elsewhere mostly 
on my troubles --  and a man going up when he passed me he smiled nicely and winked looked me right in the eye -- it wasn't a cat call or a come on -- just a genuine communication --
telling me that things would be alright -- sometimes strangers can make a difference in the moment --  It didn't make my day -- but it bought me back to the present I was in an amazing foreign city -- the weather was beautiful 
and some stranger - really saw me - even if just for a moment -- I wasn't just another person in the crowd - I was someone worth smiling at -- 
So I knew how this guy felt -- but I didn't have it in me at the time to do more 
than I did -- just listen a little bit -- and ask for help on his behalf -- 
to that guy I had crushed on -- 
Maybe this comes to mind -- cause these are the kinda random acts people need -- just for people to see them -- really see them -- or see the goodness within -- when it is buried under a great deal crap that we wade or swim through or sink into that covers us over .... and it comes to mind -- cause of the pandemic -- so many issues coming to light -- and maybe it is just the act of a random stranger -- that can save a life .... 

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