The question?

We want it to be over 
The pandemic 
I have lots of practice
being alone 
with my two cats 
use to it --
can read write paint cook
talk on the phone or video 
take classes 
but it isn't quite the same 
but I don't mind if it keeps people safe 
I would hate to cause harm 
So I will follow the rules ... 
My friends in health care are tired 
and weary 
I wouldn't want a doctor to have to choose 
who gets a ventilator -- or nursing care 
who gets care and who doesn't 
I mean care should multiply 
the more you are cared for the more 
you can pass it along 
but people are tired of isolation 
wearing masks 
sitting at their dining table to work from home
getting a sore back 
their businesses being closed 
not having an income for a long time (I know what that is like - even before the pandemic struck)
and it does truly suck
Kids can't have play dates 
adults can't go to the bar -- or a club
catch a concert or show 
but I read something somewhere someone said 
nothing ever leaves till it has taught us what we need to know 
so what are we not learning? 
Where are we stuck?
What lessons are we not getting that we 
have to keep repeating it 
We have learned so much 
in the last few years 
remember when their was a rash of celebrity deaths
and man did everyone feel a little bereft 
sad over those who made us smile ... with their comedy 
or made us cry with their performances in movies 
or made us dance and move around and sing out loud 
when we saw them preform or their song came on the radio 
Art is important 
Then we learned that men could abuse their power to try and get sex 
Sex was used -- and taken -- what was supposed to be love 
turned into violence 
and lets not forget the inequity when it comes to race and religion 
And we are questioning hierarchies and authority 
good things to do -- every once in a awhile 
power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely 
then we faced fears with the pandemic -- saw selfishness and greed
masks were scarce -- we also saw the waste that beauracracy can create 
remember millions of masks stock piled just expired and were buried in land fill?  Oh but in an emergency -- companies that were closing down -- could retool to make ventilators and masks ... provide jobs ... instead of getting everything imported from abroad ... it was possible 
Oh and when people were careful with where they travelled the skies cleared a bit and so did canals ... we realized how much our lifestyles contribute to pollution -- but now discarded masks are a bit of the problem 
Oh and crime went down for a bit -- when everyone stayed inside ... no mass shootings -- and less random violence ... maybe domestic violence rose ... but we became more aware -- and for once ... we treated our indigenous population with a little more care -- they got the vaccination first 
instead of being diliberately infected -- wow that was nice 
And police -- some police started to have to pay the price -- for using too much force and being too authoritarian -- good -- hopefully there will be some retraining ...  And we started seeing how much we depend on one another -- grocery store clerks -- we couldn't live without em -- they were essential -- and for a bit they got pay raises .. and we started to look more carefully at how we treated our elders -- not good -- not good at all in nursing homes -- we looked at our supply chains ... remember the toilet paper shortage?  
So what do we still need to learn -- oh housing -- yah -- housing -- we haven't fixed that yet 
So many cracks in our system that has been revealed -- and an appreciation perhaps about the people on the bottom rungs .. who get paid the least .. but who we couldn't really function without 
We look at how hard being locked down is .. and how it affects mental health 
but that is what we do to criminals and expect them to be better when they come out?  The thing I kinda liked most though .. was muslim men having to cover their face -- the way they make the women do -- I liked that -- a bit of a taste -- of what it is like --  a bit of taste --- bitter for many I am sure -- but will it be enough to cure -- what ailed us before what we couldn't see?  Or refused to - As my father always said to me we will have to wait and see ...... 

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