waking out of misery

Remember so it does not happen again

Such a familiar refrain

For this or that religion

this group of ethnic people

Gender or Age group

I guess it is important to remember

especially for those connected

to those lost

But for how long?

How long?

How long?

Until it stops?

But we are nasty humans

And it only takes one or two

That can’t rein in their hatred

To ruin it To repeat it

To shout on roof tops

And honestly — it can be tiresome

victims of this or that

not wanting to be forgotten

someone always tugging at your heat strings

encouraging you to bleed out

begging and praying

Thoughts and prayers

how many times has that phrase been used

like an overplayed sad country song

Or some classic tragic play

wear a ribbon for a vetran

wear a ribbon for this disease

wear this coloured shirt

And it is all so tiresome

Not that I don’t care

I just wonder if there is a danger

in inspiring the wrong thing

Celebrate women who have overcome

Celebrate religions that have made peace

Celebrate communities that have rebuilt after surviving calamety

An endless procession of never ending funerals — that happen into eternity

entrenching those with a certain proclivity

no matter what it be — hate or wallowing in self pity or living in constant fear

I mean I get it — but there are so many losses

Losses to hate and violence

So many different kinds –sexual,  partner, guns, phobias, anti this or anti that

Lives Matter

Losses to war

Losses to disease

Losses to famine

Losses to greed

Losses because of ignorant people driving drunk

Losses Losses Losses

Can we see

beyond the losses

I don’t mean we should completely forget

But sometimes I wonder if we live in a state of constant regret

If only this law, If only that safety rail, if only this program, if only this cure, if only if only if only if only if only

We live in fear, it happened before it could happen again

But are we missing the lesson

just spiralling in negative emotion

spreading it everywhere

Celebrate, Overcome, Inspire

Acknowledgement is important

But we humans can be too monsterous

for some hearts to bear

I don’t do funerals very often or vigils at all

Cause I feel to deeply

It hurts too much

But a celebration of overcoming

A wake

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