lost friends

Childhood friends

so many of them

like water through a civ

Very few stick with you your whole life through

Best Friends

I had my share

I even once in my life when I got older

was warey cause so many told me I was their best friend

Even when I was little I didn’t like ranking people as my best friend

I had one until I was eight

but she moved away

Then it depended upon my location

Mom’s or Dad’s house

Who was my best friend

The two girls who lived closest

both younger than me

But we would explore forests

Slide down snowy hills

Pick up beer bottles thrown in the ditch

cash them in and buy candy or chips

We would swim

Walk barefoot down gravel road

Build forts out of branches or snow

We would fight but always make up

Cause when you live in the country

There isn’t a lot of choice about who is close by to play with

But there were other girls I would befriend

I once bonded with a girl on the bus over how we could make our finger knuckles bend

I remember I went over to her house on the weekend

She had strawberry short cake dolls and they smelled so sweet

I thought she was so lucky

And we were being silly and noisy like kids are and her father yelled at us to keep it down

But we didn’t listen we kept fooling around

Then out of nowhere he came into her room and took off his belt

and beat her with it

he didn’t touch me

I still can hear her screams in my memory

I remember after he stopped and left the room

I tried to comfort her

but her small voice just said

leave me alone

So I did

I don’t think I went back after that

She was a pretty girl

And popular in school

She got mean sometimes when she got older

teased me

I guess I understood cause her father was mean

Her older brother could be mean too

But I remember the fun we had we watched charlotte’s web

and her mom offered me jelly beans — I liked the black ones

I remember strawberry shortcake and how sweet she smelled

I remember in Kindergarten there was a girl on my bus route

I really liked her — but my great aunt she didn’t

She called her a dirty little girl — and I guess it was true

he clothes were not often clean when we went to school

But I liked her — she was nice — but she moved away by grade one

Then there was the girl who taunted me since I was in kindergarten

Throughout all of grade school — always mean

Then one halloween me and two friends in high school

decided to get even with some eggs

I remember close to the last day of school

I heard her complaining about the eggs from halloween

I told her we did it

She was so shocked

But amazingly she forgave me

And suddenly it was like we were friends

But school was over — but we did hang out once in the summer

I thought that was cool —

There was another girl in grade 7 who pretended to be my friend

but only cause I was generous with her

then I heard that she said mean things about me behind my back

And finally she did openly attack me

But I remember when we were friends going over to her house one weekend

He mom made hamburger soup — and we took a bath in a wash tub — cause they didn’t have a bath tub — the water was heated on the stove.

I still probably would have still been friends with her to this day had she not been mean to me — or used me for my generosity.

Then there are friends that are formed in groups — but I was only there to be the lowest rung on the latter — Sure it was fine when it was just one on one — we would have fun but then when the other girls came round — I was just someone to be picked on and called names —

Yes real friends the ones that stick like glue … the ones who you can not see forever but pick right up where you left off

Those are the few to cherish   and hold on to

I chatted with a little girl who was missing her best friend

And I wish I could have imparted all this wisdom — but she will have to learn it for herself — the tears and the joys — and flavours and scents — textures and memories created by making friends


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